Workplace Activity Challenge

We help you and your co-workers get healthier and more active while converting all the calories you burn into life saving nutrition for severely malnourished kids. Signup for an upcoming webinar to learn more.

The key to any successful wellness program is getting people engaged.

What if the calories your team burned during a 30-Day Activity Challenge could be converted into lifesaving nutrition for severely malnourished kids?

At Calorie Cloud we provide solutions that connect getting active with a great cause. Our unique approach to converting burned calories and making them count leads to increased employee engagement.

It’s time to get active for good!

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How it works


Your team commits to getting active for 30 days and tracking the calories they burn. Our platform is easy to use and syncs with all the major tracking devices.


Your company can sponsor the program from a foundation or charitable contribution budget leaving the HR wellness budgets intact.


Calories are donated to severely malnourished kids in the form of therapeutic food packets. The more packets you donate, the more lives you can save.

Why people like it

Malnourished kids survive and thrive

Every calorie contributed in the program is recycled into therapeutic food and used to help save the life a severely malnourished child. We are thrilled to share this impact with your company as it unfolds.

People like it

86% of employees surveyed in our pilot programs said that they were more active when they knew it was helping someone else at the same time. People appreciate working at a company that supports worthy causes and creatively engages people to be healthy.

HR friendly

Our platform is easy to administer and communicate the mission and program goals. HR admins can create teams or allow self-forming teams. Secure hosted solution easy to deploy to remote offices and workers.

Finance loves the math

Calorie Cloud is a registered 501(c)3 organization and our platform was built and launched from generous foundations that wanted to see an impact for health and nutrition. This allows us to deliver the program at a very low cost. Companies can fund the program from a foundation or charitable contributions budget leaving their HR budget intact.

Ready to learn more?

During the demo we will share how a 30-Day Activity Challenge works and answer any questions you might have.

Unique benefits

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device or app)

Already own a Fitbit or Jawbone Up? Using Nike+ or Strava apps already? You can connect over 100 fitness devices and apps to Calorie Cloud, making it flexible for different fitness interests and goals and allowing your team to continue ramping up activity after the company-sponsored Wellness Challenge ends.

Your Brand

Co-brand the web platform with your company branding and messaging. We have been working with designers, researchers, and wellness experts to build a best-in-class wellness challenge platform.

Hosted and Secure

Nothing to download or install. When an employee connects a device or app, only the fields necessary to track calorie-burning activities are pulled into the Calorie Cloud dashboards.

Pay for Results

As a company sponsoring your employee’s fitness activity, you pay a flat fee for only the employees that participate. This approach keeps our goals aligned: it’s our priority to make the program engaging for your teams.

Already have a wellness platform?

No problem. If you already have a wellness challenge platform, we are happy to help you wrap the mission and impact of Calorie Cloud into your existing platform. We have done so with a number of large and small organizations in a variety of program formats and platforms.

Interested in learning more about our Wellness Challenge program?