UNICEF Kid Power

UNICEF Kid Power is a movement to get kids active so children everywhere can grow up healthy. Built for a new generation of global citizens, Kid Power uses the world’s first wearable-for-good to tap into kids’ inherent desire to help their peers.

About the program

Every kid that participates in Kid Power has the potential to save the life of one malnourished child

One in four American kids is inactive while one in four kids worldwide is severely malnourished. UNICEF is the world’s largest procurer of therapeutic foods for treating severely malnourished children.

Kid Power is a wearables-for-good platform that inspires American kids to get active, measures their activity via Kid Power points, and leverages sponsors to convert their energy into therapeutic food for malnourished kids around the world.

How it works

Step 1

Teachers and parents engage kids in solving global malnutrition crisis

Step 2

Kids get Kid Power Bands to track activity

Step 3

Kids get active and compete as groups
(teams, schools, cities)

Step 4

Activity is tracked as Kid Power Points and Sponsors convert points to dollars

Step 5

UNICEF procures and delivers therapeutic food
(to treat malnourished kids)

Step 6

Kids get active and compete as groups
(teams, schools, cities)



Kid Power pilot in 7 classrooms in New York and California.

Kid Power is piloted with 1,000 students in the City of Sacramento. Fall pilot courtesy of partnerships with the City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Kings and funding provided by the George Harrison Fund.


Kid Power is activated with 15,000 students in Boston, Dallas, and New York.


Kid Power consumer launch, when families can participate.