In a Calorie Cloud Workplace Activity Challenge, you’re not just getting active to improve your health — you’re also burning calories that make a difference in combating child malnutrition! With Workplace Activity Challenges, every calorie you burn counts – your calories, sponsored by your company, get recycled and then donated in the form of ready-to-use therapeutic food that helps saves lives. How cool is that? You can make your calories COUNT!


Let’s break down the impact that your exercise & burned calories have:

By the Numbers
500 calories
90 minutes of hiking
1 packet of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) = 1 meal for a severely malnourished child


1,500 calories
30 minutes of playing basketball every day for 1 week
3 packets of RUTF or 1 day of treatment


5,000 calories
1 hour of aerobic walking every day for 2 weeks
10 packets RUTF


10,000 calories
1 hour of golf every day for 1 month
20 packets of RUTF, which treats a malnourished child for 1 week


63,000 calories
1 hour of running every day for 3 months
126 packets of RUTF
Provides a severely malnourished child with a 6-week,
3x/day RUTF treatment that will help keep this child
from ever becoming severely malnourished again




How many calories can you & your coworkers burn in a 30-day challenge? How many lives can you & your company help save by getting #activeforgood? Find out when you kick off a Activity Challenge at your workplace!

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